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"What would you say if one of the top IM sales page graphic designers hooks you up with 4 great designs that you can easily edit?"

You thought it wouldn't happen, right? ... well today you stand corrected!

In simple terms imagery sells, plain and simple. Imagine been able to buy exactly the same product from 2 different places, both exactly the same price. The only difference is the graphics on the sales page, one is far superior than the other, who would you buy from? I personally would buy from the guy with the great graphics. Why, because someone who puts in the time to make his site visually pleasing is more likely to put the same effort to other areas of his business, for example customer service!

How would you like to be 'almost given' 4 different mini site templates with superior graphics? Would you like to be the person that grabs the customers from under your competitors noses?

'You also Get The Full Resell Rights to this Offer'

Here's what you will receive:

4 generic Headers, including the PSD, so you can edit to your hearts delight

4 Headers & 4 Footers with no text, edit with any image editing program

4 mini site templates, including header, footer, subscribe box and order button (inc PSD's)

Each mini site template comes with a choice of 9 different backgrounds


Many people when starting out cant afford to buy software for graphics never mind spend $100's on graphic designers. Don't worry, we are able to supply completely text free jpg images that can be edited on any image editing program, such as corel, fireworks, paint and many others!




Previews Of The Full Mini Site Templates Can Be Seen Below.

Click the images to view the sites you will receive





You get all of that, including the PSD's and jpgs
PLUS the Resell Rights to this offer.

For the amazing price of...

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