What Does 'Seduction And Dating' Have To Do With Your Sales And Profits?


"If  Your Sales And Profits Are NOT Explosive Enough
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From: Bryan Kumar

Dear Reader,

Have you ever seen this guy...?

The guy who walks into a room and immediately has beautiful women flocking to him, while the rest of the boys are pulling their hair out... trying to figure out 'what to say or do' to get the woman to notice them?

This is exactly what's happening to marketers and business owners everywhere!

While most of the marketers are busy buying more marketing and copywriting products, and constantly tweaking their sales letters, a handful of individuals are seducing all their customers away from them - almost effortlessly, and repeatedly.

But that's not the half of it... These 'seducers' are getting it all -- the attention, the respect, the traffic, the subscribers, the deals, and yes... even the sales and profits!

You see, these individuals have discovered the big secret...that you could study copywriting till you're dizzy, but it won't help your sales all that much. Something else that's getting in the way of your profits...

Listen, if you've spent any money on 'marketing and copywriting' products, then you may already know how to write a sales letter: You need a killer headline, a bunch of powerful benefits, and a strong call to action telling them to "order now." Everybody knows this!

But, are you getting the kind of results you're after? Are you making the kind of profits your product is truly capable of generating? Are you able to get people to flock to you without having to beg them for the sale?

If you're not, then you already know that you need something more... something different that will set you apart from all the other marketers and web sites out there. Something that will get powerful results!

You need to know what these 'seducers' know. You need to learn the...

Marketing Secrets of the Seduction Masters!

You see, it really doesn't matter how many marketing and business books you read... or how many interviews and courses you listen to... or how many expensive seminars you sit through...

Unless you learn what these 'Seduction Masters' know, you will always be at a disadvantage. You will always be like that 'average guy' who is trying to figure out why his latest and greatest pickup line still isn't working.

And your prospect will be like the beautiful woman... who has already heard every line (or headline) you can come up with... who is approached by guys all day long and has decided to just "keep her guard up" all the time! (Hey, wouldn't you do the same thing, if you were being hit on/sold to all day long, with the same ol' tired and weak lines?)

The sad fact is, she wants to be seduced! (If you're a woman reading this, you already know this little 'fun fact.') And yes, your customers want to buy! They want to improve their lives! But, they're not going to tell you that!

You'll never be able to get past their defenses... unless you learn how to "seduce" them... unless you learn how to sneak "under the rader."

"Hi Bryan,

Your "Marketing Secrets of Seduction Masters" is brilliant!

I've been a relationship expert for 6 years, and it never crossed my mind the 'relationship' between persuading people to go out with you (or go home with you, depending on your focus and mindset) and go get their wallets and give you their cash (for a long-term relationship or a 'quickie sale')...

Totally makes sense, and is very creative -- the book gives people the secret weapon to 'seducing' their customers... and I just hope everyone uses this advantage ethically, because when we give people great products, we are improving their lives, just like we do when we make love last, by being smart with how we keep our relationship alive and vital!

Geat work!"

Dan Klatt,

These 'seduction' strategies have been kept hush-hush for a very long time. And the select few who have discovered them are keeping their mouths shut (in fear of losing their edge over their competitors...or for being 'blackballed' for admitting that they use such controversial and 'off limits' information.)

But all that is about to change...

Finally... in the privacy of your own home... you can now discover these powerful "seduction secrets" that all marketers wish they knew... even those who may not yet believe that anything like this exists!

But, before you read any further, I must warn you...

The information revealed here may shock you, scare you, or make you 'uncomfortable.' It is surely considered controversial by many. That's because, in the wrong hands, these techniques can be used to manipulate and 'use' others in extremely powerful ways.

This is certainly not for the faint of heart. I discuss some very serious stuff here, without holding anything back, without sugar-coating anything or pulling any punches.

Ironically, this is exactly the kind of information that you must know about!


I can't believe you are selling these reports and making them public!

The information you reveal is not only dangerous but lethal in the wrong hands. It's impossible for anyone using your methods to NOT gain complete mastery over others.

You've literally given people the keys to the kingdom with these reports. I've never had so many "lightbulb moments" go on in my head while reading.

I first bought "Marketing Secrets of Seduction Masters", to re-sell it, but after reading it, I'm terrified of putting this powerful report into the hands of my competitors.

And the bonus report should not even be called a "bonus", it should be a standalone report worth at least as much as the main report.

Simply brilliant and nothing short of black magic! Do me a favour and stop selling it RIGHT NOW!"

Hank Khaki

You see, even if you decide not to use it yourself, you will at least find out what is being used out there by a few of your competitors. And, more importantly, after you know what these techniques are, you will be able to recognize them if someone decides to use them on you.

That is why, after much hesitation and debate, I have finally decided to make this information public. I expose it all in my special, highly-controversial report, titled Marketing Secrets of the Seduction Masters. I show you, in easy-to-understand language, how to use these techniques to put your sales and marketing on steroids.

In this 'forbidden,' hush-hush report, you will discover....

  • How to become a master salesperson, even if you hate selling! (No amount of marketing and business info will matter unless you figure this one out first.)
  • How to play the leading role in your marketing "movie" - so you always "get the girl"...and the sale!
  • How to stop begging for the sale and get them to chase you! (This is one of the biggest, and most powerful secrets of master marketers.)
  • How to slip "under the radar" and get past the defenses that customers put up (to keep most marketers out!)
  • How to get them to crave your product even before you tell them what the product is!
  • How to gently (and covertly) lead them from ordinary conversation to the sale - and they'll love you for doing it!
  • How to create a powerful bond and start a long-term relationship with your customers, for repeat sales.
  • How to establish instant authority in your prospect's mind, even if they've never heard of you before. (This one of my favorites because it works so powerfully well.)
  • How to get the power of the "guru" to work for you, even if you're a newcomer to your niche.

And, that really is just the beginning of what you'll find in this report.

Listen, this report isn't just about getting more sales. It's about getting more of everything in life! More subscribers, more joint ventures, and yes, even more 'dates' if you want.

This report is really about communicating in a powerful, new way that makes you (and your ideas) irresistable to others. People won't be able to help but want to listen to more of what you have to say!

Oh, and before I forget... (yeah right, who am I kidding! There's no way I could forget about this, especially since it has given me more sleepless nights than the main report itself!)

...let me tell you about a special bonus report that almost didn't make it into this package. (That's no joke. I had a very difficult time convincing myself to reveal this one.)

This tiny, but deadly, bonus report has already started to cause a stir online...it's called Beyond "Story-Telling." In it, I reveal something so powerful that it could give you persuasion and manipulation powers similar to that of a "cult leader!" I won't say anymore on the subject. You'll just have to read the bonus report to convince yourself just how powerful it is.

You get both these reports for just $27. Yep, all the life-changing techniques and secrets mentioned above is yours right now, so you can start getting real results, without having to beg for the sale, or the deal, or even the date - if you wish.

As if that weren't crazy enough, you also get resell rights to both of these reports! I don't have to tell you how great of a steal this package is, at just $27. (Who knows, by tomorrow, I may regain my sanity and raise the price to a more reasonable level.)

"Bryan is without doubt one of the best writers I know. His work drips quality from every page and he has an uncanny knack of hitting highly profitable home runs every time.

Bryan's work sells, and sells and sells - It's as sure as money in the bank. Don't hesitate, don't blink, just buy whatever he's crazy enough to offer you."

Simon Hodgkinson

And, of course, as always...


I'll Take All The Risk So YOU Don't Have To

Get your copy of these two power reports right now and go through them. Try out all the techniques and ideas with real women prospects and customers. And...

If, for any reason (or for no reason at all), you decide this book doesn't meet your exact needs, simply let me know within the next 60 days and you'll get a complete refund of your purchase price. There will be no questions asked, and no hassles.

You see, I believe that giving you the chance to personally experience what these astonishing reports offer is simply the best way to "prove to you" what you may be missing out on. I have yet to meet the person who can resist discovering the secrets revealed here.

I honestly believe these reports will take you to the next level. (You may even be shocked, and a little scared by the stuff you find out. Don't say I didnt' warn you...)

So, please... don't pass up this ridiculously generous offer... you may never get an opportunity like this ever again.

You can be reading all the secrets right now... within minutes! Just use the link/button below to get your copy, safely and completely risk free...


Bryan Kumar

PS. Can you imagine the looks on your competitors' faces as they watch you fly completely "under the rader" and start 'seducing' customers away from them and into your domain?

And, don't forget...you also get resell rights to both these reports, so you can sell them to others and pocket 100% of the profits. Get 'em now, before they do...

"Hey Bryan

When I first purchased the report I was a little skeptical about its usefulness in regards to Seduction and marketing, never mind combining both. Well to my surprise not only was it a very professionally written report, but it covered both aspects in a straight forward manner that I found to be brilliant.

I have already started to implement the techniques in the report in both with the women which I might add has made a huge impact in my dating life, but in my internet marketing business as well.

Thanks for the excellent report and I know I’ll see good things from you in the future."

Jason Neddow

Hi Bryan,

I have been buying digital products online for over 6 years now - and have bought more products than I can even remember. Your report really opened my eyes and showed me that I was seduced by people that knew one or two of the techniques you describe!

Reading it gives me the armor I need to prevent myself from buying even more of the same... thanks!

Rob Vanandel

Yours for success,
Jeannie Crabtree and Bryan Kumar