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Charisma is powerful. When you unleash your personal magnetism, when you live and speak authentically, from your authentic self - people will naturally want to be on your side. Using Charisma gets far more respect than the average person!

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  • 3 Unstoppable Ways to command respectful attention, page 23
  • The 9 Rules of Relationships, page 26
  • Steps For Using Charisma and Personal Magnetism to Climb the Corporate Ladder, page 29
  • The 7 Charismatic Colors, Includes Indian and Feng Shui Models! page 32
  • What To Do to Feel Relaxed and Open to Connect with Others, page 34
  • 24 Powerful Affirmation To Ramp Up Charisma, page 41
  • 13 Tips to Remember, page 44
  • 63 Charisma-Killing Statements to stay away from, page 46
  • Affirmations to Support Your Charisma Quest
  • Charisma"Quick Reference" 13 Tips to Remember

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  5. Studying Charisma
  6. Study break - thoughts on Charisma
  7. Lets go to work - 8 secret skills
  8. Body, mind and spirit
  9. Presence and Charisma
  10. Charisma in your personal life
  11. Charisma and leadership
  12. Color me Charismatic
  13. Speak out for Charisma
  14. The dark side of Charisma

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